Fragrance STIX
UltraScent Fragrance Stix™

Can be strategically placed throughout the room to distribute a pleasant scent for 30+ days.

UltraScent Fragrance STIX feature a solid state fragrance system so there are no sprays or liquids that can spill or coat surfaces. Fragrance Stix are based on a flexible polymer embedded with various fragrances. They produce a customized metered amount of scent over a 30 day period that disperses via polymer diffusion. Mounted in inconspicuous locations on easy to apply self-adhesive brackets, the fragrance Stix pop on and off without the use of any tools. It is the first ever odor control technology that allows for the system to be completely hidden from the user’s view to provide a customized, vandalism-free, pleasant experience throughout the entire restroom.

There is a variety of fragrances currently available that can be formulated with malodor counteractants (these neutralize and eliminate secondary odors from areas with significant malodors). Custom-made fragrances can also be incorporated in the fragrance Stix.
  • Cost effective​​
  • Lasts for 30+ days
  • ​​Discrete and easy to install
  • No maintenance required
  • VOC compliant
  • Non-toxic and recyclable​
  • Made in USA
  • Patented